About Us

Flanagan’s Foods are a leading distribution, outsource partner on the Island of Ireland.  Our success speaks for itself with a strong heritage back to 1968.  The Team at Flanagan’s Foods are passionate about the brands we choose to work with.


Expertise in the Local Market

Armed with the invaluable local consumer, category insights and knowledge for the specific marketplace, we are au fait with the channels, market, economic and environmental dynamics. Our sales and marketing management team have the ability to utilize this knowledge to the brands advantage. This local expertise and knowledge is crucial in this relationship and is one of our Key assets.



As an established distributor, Flanagan’s Foods can deliver immediate access to the long term professional relationships we as a local distributor have with the market.  In Flanagan’s case this heritage stretches back an extremely very long way. Relationships are also important across the sales function right through to Field sales level.  This factor is another key benefit to the brand owner.  Flanagan’s Foods field sales team have the strength and ability to influence and execute activity at store level. This is absolutely critical at this competitive time with in the current Irish retail space.



We understand that excellent 2 way communication is crucial with the brand owner. Clear and open communication is key, in our opinion. It is our view that our team must be viewed as an extension of the brand owner’s team.  Flanagan’s endeavour to get into the actual DNA of the brand.  This involves strong on going collaboration. This tight communication delivers excellent Partnerships which is, after all, the end game.