Introducing Holy Molys

New to the market, Emma Jeans Holy Molys -­ Delicious biscuit bars with caramel and milk chocolate.

These treats are individually wrapped in a box of 6, perfect for indulging with the family or on the go. With their unique design, Holy Molys will have the whole family hooked. Kids love the funny holes in the biscuit bar as well as the crunchy taste, playful name and colourful packaging.

Listed in major multiples, C&I’s and forecourts around Ireland this is a new product not to be missed! Agnes Chvojka, Brand Manager, Flanagan’s Foods said: “I think this is a very innovative product that will draw a lot of attention due to its unique packaing, product design and amazing taste. It will look great on-­shelf and will definitely have everyone coming back for more!”

November 2012

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