Traditionally, chocolate spread contains nuts and milk, but the majority of consumers purchase chocolate spread for the spreadable chocolatey taste. There is also an increasing number of those, who are seeking free from categories…


Plamil - the producer of Award Winning Organic Chocolate Spread

With over 50 years of experience free from food innovation, Plamil have developed milk and nut free chocolate spreads based on this success and knowledge. Gaining immediate Awards in 2005, the range was expanded to the four varieties they produce today Highest Ethical Standards. Unlike the majority of spreads, Plamil are recognised as using the highest ethically sourced palm fat combined expertly with organic cocoa.


Made Without Nuts

The avoidance of nuts and milk, two significant sought free from categories for many reasons from allergy, intolerance, avoidance for self-diagnosed health reasons or for lifestyle (vegetarian/vegan) or religion, makes Plamil chocolate spread a consumer sought after product. 

Highest No Nut Standards

Plamil are corporate members of the Anaphylaxis campaign, and follow good labelling guidance, where the term 'Nut Free' is not recommended; therefore, Plamil state clearly that the spread is made of the highest 'no nut standards'.


Plamil Chocolate Spreads available from Flanagan’s Foods:

Organic Chocolate Spread Plain (275g)

  • A dark moreish smooth rich organic chocolate spread

Organic Chocolate Spread Orange (275g)

  • With added organic orange oil - making an absolutely divine tasting chocolate spread 



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